Start a Window Tinting Business in Orange County.


Tinting Automobile Windows

If you know what you are doing you can make a lot of money tinting windows.  People will pay $120-$300 to have their car windows tinted.  And there is repeat business as many of them want their front windows tinted.  The take it off when they get a ticket, and put it back up. Great if you can work with the Cholo culture in South County. They will pay what ever they need to pimp-our their ride.


The materials cost less than $2/sq ft and the tools you need are not that expensive.  You could get into this business for less than $1,500.  A lot of the people in this business are mobile so renting space is not needed, although there are a lot of service stations that have been turned into smog stations.  They have an extra bay they cannot use to repair cars because they cannot be a smog station and repair cars in the same facility.  They are allowed to sublet this space to a business that is not doing mechanical repair.


Demonstration videos on how to apply auto window tinting:


Tools seen in the video

(Note it is not legal to tint front windows in California, but people pay to have it done anyway.)


If you know any good places to buy window tinting supplies in Orange County, let us know.  You can also get auto tinting supplies at the internet sites listed in the section below.


Tinting Store Front Glass with anti-graffiti film


As we wage the war with graffiti, the hoodlums have found another way to destroy our way of life.  They no longer just mess up block walls.  They go after store front windows, school windows, and some home windows …  They can do thousands of dollars of damage in under a minute by painting over vinyl lettering, scratching glass with sharp objects such as nails, or etching windows with acid.  In many cities, the business owner will get fined if they do not clean it up within a week or two.  But that means spending anywhere from $500-$5,000 to replacing all the glass.  The glass pane in the video above would cost at least $800 to replace.

We all get to pay for it in terms of higher prices, or a reduced tax base as business move to safer areas.


Store owners are paying to have 4-8 m (as a point of reference the thick plastic contractor trash bags are 3m thick.) plastic film put onto their window.  Generally, the thugs will not take the time to peal it off, and the film can be replaced much more cheaply than the glass.  This film sells for about $1.00-$1.50/foot so figure with about 25% waste, your material cost per foot installed would be about $1.33-$2.00/ft.  We have heard of installation quotes as around $8/sq ft.  That’s at least a 400% markup.  It’s applied in a manner similar to auto glass.


This stuff is hard to find because the main manufacturer MMM sells it through exclusive distributers who are in the business of selling window tinting services. So they may not be too willing to sell the film to an independent business. We did find a couple of sources on-line.  We assume that this product is just a re-purposed storm window film from the South where they have natural disasters such as hurricanes.  It protects against objects breaking through glass.  It may have just been re-purposed for urban areas where there are  gang issues.

Northern Tint of Wisconsin×100-8-mil-clear-anti-graffiti-90.html This goes for about $4/sq fut.

Starco Distributing of San Diego They offer a scratch resistant film that prevents storm damage and makes it harder for people to break through glass.



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