Start a Tile Cleaning/Repair Business in Orange County


A lot of homeowners have gone to tile.  It is more expensive than carpet to install, but it lasts longer and does not collect dust.  But after a while it starts to look kind-of dingy.  These businesses also specialize in cleaning and sealing granite countertops.  And tile in the bathroom gets mold.

Tile and grout cleaning is becoming a big business.  Many businesses pair this with carpet cleaning because the same customers who need carpet cleaning also need tile and grout cleaning.  As with carpet cleaning, promoters claim that you can make $150+/hr.  Yes that might be true if you just consider the time you spend actually working.  But the big challenge is marketing.

RotoVac sells a tile cleaning system for $5,000.  It consists of circular five inch hard brush scrubbers with that have jets to spray hot water/soap onto the tile.  They have a vacuum (called an extractor) that hooks up to the rotating brush that soaks up the liquid.

The other type of system is s steam system.  Very hot water is put on the floor to take away the grime.  This is considered more environmental because you do not have to use soap or solvents.

There are companies that offer tile cleaning systems.

Grout Doctor They estimate that start up costs will be $20,500 – 40,000  which includes a franchise fee.  It does appear that they are willing to negotiate on the franchise fee.  It is not clear that they have any exclusive cleaning technology, so the franchise fee would be for marketing.  Their cleaning system looks like rotovac’s system.  They do not explain how it is different.


As for kitchen and bathroom tile, it’s just hard work.  There is no magic machine that will get the job done.

But you would be surprised how inexpensive grout and sealer are.  And you can sell the customer on the idea that you need to clean and re-seal every year of six months.


Tile and Grout Repair

Eventually, grout goes bad, and it needs to be removed from a bathtub surround.  With just some basic tools, including a multi-tool with grout remover you can charge $200 to re-grout a bathtub.


This is one of the most popular multi-tools

and this is the grout remover attachment.

A bag of grout goes for about $3.00 at Home Depot.


If you have the time, tile repair is another interesting market.  Eventually tile will crack.  The customer will be willing to pay quite a bit if you can hunt down matching tile and replace the broken ones rather than spend thousands of dollars to re-tile.  (Again, the multi tool would be helpful for this.)  Replacements for the most common white “builders” tiles that were put in from the 1960’s to the 1990’s are available at home centers.


Surf’s Up A great place to advertise for these services are apartment magazines which are sent to every landlord in the county.  Search for AOA or AAOC for more info.  Landlords are cheep so they will try to repair rather than replace.


Otherwise you can hunt them down on the internet.  It will take a lot of time.  Use a search term like vintage because replacement brings up a lot of junk sites.



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