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Press Release

Internet Start up helps get Orange County in Business

New websites inform about getting into business

Orange County California, June 2011:  A new business website has launched this month.  Soon it’s sister business website will launch.  They have the same goal—helping people get into business by providing relevant information.  As the names imply, content will be focused on Orange County small-businesses development.

The sites will provide a convenient place for people to look over business concepts.  Each Orange County business idea is explained in terms of why it’s profitable.  When possible, estimated gross margins are given.  Capital requirements and regulatory hurdles are also discussed.  Because the websites are constructed in an interactive blog-like format, visitors can share their knowledge.  It’s intended to be a starting point to give people ideas and basic information.  As visitors contribute to the site, the amount of useful information will grow.

Site founder David Parikh explained that “the sites will be a work in progress as long as they are up.  We are not business experts.  We just want some basic information out there.   If it’s inaccurate someone will post with correct information.”  Parikh went on to explain why he launched these sites.  “I was helping someone research Orange County business opportunities and I realized there is a real void in the internet.  There are good regulatory sites, and sites that get you to an expert such as a loan broker or business attorney.  Additionally  there are some sites that focus on business that require a large investment.  But there did not seem to be any local sites that explained what low capital business you could get into. “Parikh went on to explain that he “wants to help those who have been impacted by this extended recession, and will not have any paid advertising driving the site’ content.  The only advertising will be for recommended books.” sister site will provide an opportunity for business owners and business agents to inform the community about Orange County businesses for sale.

Because of current economic conditions, thousands of Orange County residents have lost well paying corporate jobs; and now many talented people will loose government jobs as budgets shrink.  The problem is that that they now find themselves over-qualified for the limited number of open positions.  Parikh observed that “no amount of positive thinking seminars or resume re-writes will change this reality.  Employers prefer to hire younger employees who are perceived as being less expensive and more trainable.”

Initially, Parikh plans to operate the site on a not for profit basis.  In the future, the site may take third party advertising.  There will be no charge to contribute to the sites or inform people about the business opportunities.  Parikh noticed that many sites that showed up in his internet searches were mostly advertising, and did not have a lot of useful information.  Parikh noted that “there is nothing wrong with general advice.  For instance you should contact your state or province to see if you need a business permit.  But people need to know how a business makes its money, and what it takes to get started.”

Contributions about running or starting a business are welcome.  If you have done some research for your own investing, or a college class, your knowledge could be helpful to thousands of peoples.  Go to for contact information.