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Making Crafts and Art for Profit–Project Ideas

Crafting Business: Craft Projects for Profit We thought we would put up some ideas of easy to make crafts that you could sell at fairs, farmers markets and festivals. This is a list of some ideas you might want to think about to for fun and profit.  They do not take a huge investment to get started and may allow you to get into the lucrative arts and crafts fairs.  A lot of these books have been out for a while, so you will find them online at...

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Selling Homemade Food

Share your Family’s Favorite Dishes and Make Some Money Some of you were wondering if it was possible to make stuff in your home and sell it at Farmers Markets, Swap Meets,  and Independent stores to make some money.   You have all heard stories about entrepreneurs who started making jam, cookies, BBQ sauce and the like out of their home and then became successful selling it to stores. If you sell at a farmers market, the market manager...

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Farmers Markets in Orange County — Videos Maps Photos Reviews

Map of Orange County Farmers Market by Weekday We believe this is the most complete list of Farmers Markets in Orange County.  OCBusinessStartUp.Com’s sell at Farmers Market article has become one of our most popular pages.  This page organizes farmers markets by day of the week  It will also be handy if you want to find a farmer’s market that’s open today.  We have also found some youtube videos of these farmers markets which...

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Alternative Marketing Orange County Outside Ads – Chotskies …

More ways to Find Customers In Orange County We have put articles on print advertising in Orange County and online advertising targeted at Orange County.  This article covers other ways to promote your business that you might not think of right away.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box, the key is to let potential customers know more than you exist.  Advertising expert Jay Walker-Smith estimated that people are exposed to 5,000...

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Online marketing — Target your local market Orange County

Online marketing — Target your local market Orange County

Using Online Marketing to Find Local Customers in Orange County Your Online Marketing Campaign can Cost as much as you want it to Spend We are still working on this article.  Your comments are welcome. Online marketing does not have to be expensive.  There are many ways to get free exposure.  And some of these options actually work better than paid options.  Many businesses advertise on Craigslist rather than the newspaper’s on-line...

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Starting a business in the OC?

This site and our sister sites & are here to help. We are focused on small businesses with startup costs from $5,000 to around $200,000.

Feel free to contact us  with any suggestions.

This webpage is intended to be a starting point to give people ideas and basic information.

We are not business or legal experts. We just want to make information available to help you get in business.  If there is something incorrect, please let us know.  If you have an idea for a business we would love to put it.

Our information not influenced by any particular business. This site has no paid advertising, and we have not been paid to send you to other websites.  We are not paid to promote any opportunity; and we are not paid to promote a particular opinion. (We may make a small commissions on our Amazon recommendations.)

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