News Publication

This website operates as a news website that helps people identify business opportunities and highlights businesses operating in our community.  If you feel that we have written something that is not correct, please contact us so we can make changes.  This would be helpful.  If you have additional information that would be relevant to readers, we would like to provide that as a service to our readers.  Any information submitted to this website will be considered publishable. If you are reading this within the United States, we are covered by the first section of this document which prevents the government other organizations from or “prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”  Our content has not been approved by, nor do we believe should it have to be approved by, any government agency, private organization, or the persons/companies discussed in the content.  

Some people believe that these freedoms are outdated and that the right to publish should only apply to government sanctions institutions, large news companies such as New York Times and Fox News or the educated class.  We believe aforementioned protections cover all news organizations including those which some people may feel are non traditional such as websites and blogs. Any controls on who can speak is tantamount to regulating speech itself.

If you are reading this outside the United States and do not approve of content.  You are free to petition your government to have this site blocked from your ISP.  Contact your Minister of Information.

Search Engine Listings/Rankings

We have no control over how internet search sites rank our listings.  As a news site, sometimes they may rank your website in our publication above your own website.  We are not experts, but generally speaking, your website structure has an influence on ranking.  You may want to seek a website designer to improve your rankings.  It is our understanding the a popular search site Google has changed it’s algorithm to address a problem with negative posts on news and review sites positively affecting a website’s ranking.

Again, we have no control over the website ranking process, please contact the search companies directly if you feel your listing rank is unfair.  Request the internet search company to write us a letter on company stationary (real letter not an e-mail) requesting that we alter our content regarding your company for the sake of making your business’s listing rank more fairly in their search algorithm.  You can contact Google at Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043 and you can reach Bing at Bing Search Engine Headquarters, 555 110th Ave NE,Bellevue, Washington 98004.  You can contact Opera at  Opera Software ASA, P.O. Box 4214 Nydalen,NO-0401 OSLO,NORWAY  It would be helpful for you to explain why your ranking is unfair in your letter to the search company.  We will work with them to add “tags” or other code that will improve how their algorithm “understands” links on our sites.  They have access to our postal address and can post the letter directly.  We will consider such a request.

If you are reading this outside of the United States, your government may control content on the web.  Contact your Minister of Information or Commerce to resolve this issue.

Removal of Information about Competitors

As a policy, we do not remove links to competitors.  If we have expressed a positive opinion about your competitor, it is an opinion.  You may want to let us know about benefits of your product or service that would be beneficial to readers.

Punitive Action Regarding our Content

We have been contacted by a firm, which will be unnamed, that has informed us that if we do not alter content we could suffer consequences.  It was implied that if changes were not made by a certain date unspecified actions would be taken. We believe that the right to publish a news publication is important.  We would rather suffer an effective de-listing of our site or dns attack than agree to be censored.  Although in many parts of the world the government and religious leaders believe that they need to protect people from “bad” content, we support the ideals set forth in the US Constitution which allows for unfettered free speech; and have decided that not to bow to this pressure. We believe that censorship is wrong.