This Website is about getting you in business. We aim to give you all the basic knowledge you need to get started, and some business Ideas. Our sister site is also here to help. We are focused on small businesses with startup costs from $5,000 to around $200,000. Why concentrate on über-small businesses?

A while back, we tried to help out someone get information on starting a small businesses. Although she had a masters degree, she did not know where to start. We assumed there would be a lot of good information about starting a small business on the internet. After an hour searching, we realized this assumption was wrong. The most common things that popped up were ad pages and lead generating pages. And when we did find some interesting sites, they offered general or outdated information that was not relevant to starting a business in Orange County today.

These sites will provide a convenient place for people to look over some business concept. There are two catagories of information we wanted to focus on:

  • Fundamental Business Information This is information that you need to start or run a business, but it does not seem to be very available on the internet. Where do I go to get a permit? How do I lease retail space? …
  • Business Ideas Don’t feel bad if you don’t know where to start. A lot of us have lost corporate jobs and a lot of Orange County residents will find themselves out of a job because of government down-sizing. Other people are looking for a weekend business or something to supplement their fixed income. We have tried to describe businesses you can get into. This is a much more daunting task than we had anticipated. Each business idea is explained in terms of why it’s profitable. When possible, estimated gross margins are given. Capital requirements and regulatory hurdles are also discussed.

The website is constructed in an interactive blog-like format, visitors can share their knowledge. If your suggestion is good, we will incorporate it into the article body so others can learn from your experience or expertise. This page is intended to be a work in progress for as long as it is up. It’s intended to be a starting point to give people ideas and basic information. As visitors contribute to the site, the amount of useful information will grow.We are not business or legal experts. We just want to make information available to help you get in business.

Please feel free to contribute. If there is something incorrect, please let us know. If you have an idea for a business we would love to put it up on the site.Although the politicos say we are not in a recession–and we are not according to the textbook definition–there are still a great number of men and women out of work, and a lot of empty buildings throughout our county. (Didn’t we sell our economics text books for beer money?) Orange County will have a lot more unemployed people as the government starts to downsize.

Sooner or later, many of us will realize that no amount of positive thinking or resume re-rites will land the job we want. Business ownership is an alternative.