Crafting Business: Craft Projects for Profit

We thought we would put up some ideas of easy to make crafts that you could sell at fairs, farmers markets and festivals.

This is a list of some ideas you might want to think about to for fun and profit.  They do not take a huge investment to get started and may allow you to get into the lucrative arts and crafts fairs.  A lot of these books have been out for a while, so you will find them online at Amazon.  Since pictures and diagrams are important, you might be better off buying the actual book rather than the e-book.  If you would like to suggest any good books shoot an e-mail to .  It is kind-of hard to separate the good books from the chaff these days because, in my observation, almost every book on Amazon has a bunch of five star reviews.

Candle Making


These are a popular books that gives the 411 on getting into the candle making business, and this is a very popular book that teaches you the basic candle making skills.

Soap Making

“Natural” or “Organic” soaps are what people are looking for.  We couldn’t find a good book about going into the soap making business.


  • Photo Jewelry This is a hot trend.  This company has hundreds of projects that allow you to put photos on Jewelry. People love to get this stuff with their relative photos on it, and will pay for custom work.  They offer Business Kits for photo jewelry making that allow you to buy in volume.  If you have a digital camera, laptop computer, and photo printer you can do this at Art Fairs, Swap Meets … Or you can offer this as a internet/mail order product.
  • Photo Products RPL Supply provides all the equipment and supplies you need to make photo Jewelry.  They also have all the equipment and supplies you need to put a photo on almost anything else.  Including cups, glasses, holiday ornaments, mylar balloons, and fabric–t-shirts, ties and sweat shirts.

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