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Advertise Locally in Community Newspapers & Magazines

We Believe this is the most complete print media list for Orange County California on the internet.  If you know of a local newspaper, magazine, or coupon book not listed, please let us know so we can add to the list.  Thanks to everyone who has told us what’s missing.

Yes, people still read actually news papers, and advertising in a community newspaper can be effective because (1) it targets a local area or community so you are not paying to broadcast your ad to people who will never buy from you and (2) it is cheaper than advertising in a county wide newspaper.  Although the current advertising zeitgeist is that internet ads are the only marketing relevant in today’s world, some people are realizing that internet advertising might not be affective to all segments of the population.

Reaching OC’s Immigrant Communities  We went ahead and included the non-English papers in Orange County.  Many OC residents enjoy reading news about their community in a language other than English.  A large percentage of the county speaks English as their second language.  As reported by Wikipedia US Census figures indicate that only 44% of the county’s residents identify themselves as Non-Hispanic White.   Even if you are mono-lingual you might want to reach out to OC’s many ethnic communities.  So it would be a mistake to overlook this advertising opportunity.

Get Free Advertising with a Press Release in a Local Paper

If you are opening a business, expanding, or have won an award you might be able to get a story in a local paper.  Just submit a press release, and send it in.  Generally, it has to be something news worthy.  We have been working on some basic resources that might help you come up with ideas about what to write, and some tips on writing a press release.  Writing a Business Press Release

Orange County Local Newspapers


Orange County Register and It’s Local Papers

Orange County Register This is the best know paper in the county.  They also own several community papers so you can get a deal if you advertise in the OC Register and a community paper.  Most of Orange County is served by one of their community papers.  While you might not  want to pay for the entire county, the Register allows you to do insert advertising and targeted by zip codes.  Community papers are a supplemental section to the OC Register, distributed to driveways, or sometimes in boxes where people can take a copy for free.  To advertise in their papers, click on the OC Register’s community advertising page s  They have a real nice interactive diy advertisement system.  You can buy an ad the size of a whole page to 1/16th page.

We have the Register’s local papers in Red below.  Most of the links to on-line papers are not working.  They no longer provide free access to their papers.

LA Times Orange County Edition.  As with the Register, they publish several local papers.  You need to place an ad in one of their three local papers with the local paper.

Read this to get into the OC Register's Local Papers -- Policy Change


So, how do you submit a press release or ad to one of the Register’s Papers?

Your best bet of getting your press release published would be to try and get it into one of the Registers Local edition.  Each community paper has an editor and reporters.  The Register is a big operation, and it’s important that your press release gets to the team that’s putting together the local paper.  The Register’s local papers are not made up of recycled news articles; they have stories written that are relevant to specific communities.  And reporters/editors that know that community.

Note, Most of the links to on-line papers don’t work unless you have a subscription.  They no longer provide free access to their papers.  

  • If you have access to their on-line site, you can look through the paper’s electronic edition to find a sidebar that lists the staff  e.g. Team Leader, Editor, Reporter and if you only want to advertise in that particular paper, the Advertising Salesperson.  You can also advertise in the Register’s local paper by going through the Register’s main advertising page.  We asked the paper how we can connect with these people on-line, but we were told that we have to be a 7day/week subscriber.

If you do not have access to their online site, you will have to (1) Use the Old-School method of calling the register’s switchboard and ask to be put in contact with the editor, advertising specialist, or team leader of a local paper.  Their main phone number is (877) 469-7344.  Or (2) get your hands on a print version of the community paper.  Or (3) subscribe to the paper on-line and use your password to access the community papers.  Editors, Team-Leaders and Reporters are listed in their local paper but not on their webpage.

County wide press releases:  If you believe that your story is relevant to the entire county, you can submit them to the Register: news local@ocregister.combusiness, event, you can get on the Register’s calendar go to click on the “REGISTER” in the upper right hand corner and follow the directions.  But they get a ton of press release so don’t be disappointed if your press release is not turned into a news story. 


  • Alisa Viejo News / Laguna Niguel News and  is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.  The same team does the Laguna Niguel News.
  • Anaheim Bulletin is a paper from the Orange County Register.  This was a daily paper for 93 years before it was merged with the Register in 1992.
  • Anaheim Hills News Times  This is an OC Register Paper with similar content to the Yorba Linda Star and Placentia Times
  • Canyon Live This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  Similar content to RSM news and Ladera Post.
  • Capistrano Valley News This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Christian Examiner formerly the Christian Times.   This a free monthly publication in Christian Bookstores, Businesses and Churches.  The paper is also mailed to homes and is available on the internet.  They have a circulation (?) of around 150,000.  They have five editions covering Southern California including an OC edition.  To advertise call 619 668-5100.  Advertising is open to anyone who wants to reach the Christian Community.
  • Community News (North West Orange County)  This is an “edition of the Orange County Register”  This is a driveway publication that is dropped off on Thursdays — same day as The Sun.  It seems be mostly coupons like the ones in the Sunday paper and the one wee looked at had 6 pages of news print which contained ads, a crossword puzzle, health articles, and human interest articles.
  • The Current (Newport Coast and Costa Mesa) is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Dana Point News This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Daily Pilot This is a paper with fairly wide distribution around the middle of the county–around Costa Mesa/Newport Beach.   They work with the LA Times
  • Event News  This is a weekly paper that shows up in Cypress, La Palma and Los Alamitos.  It’s published by Community Media
  • Excelsior  This is a county wide Orange County Newspaper in Spanish.  It has it’s own staff and you go through it’s website, rather than the Register’s website, to submit press releases and advertise.
  • Fountain Valley Living Magazine  This is delivered to every residence and a bunch of businesses in FV  in addition to their online site.  It is a community guide with info about churches, schools… They also have a discount program for local merchants, and provide community news.
  • Fountain Valley View  This  is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Fullerton News Tribune   This has similar content to the Star Progress of Brea and La Habra.   This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Fullerton Observer  is an independent, non-profit newspaper that is distributed via mail and possibly a pick up paper (we’re not sure)  They publish a large community paper (20 pages) that contains more news than advertising; and the have a large staff working on content.  To send in a press release or to get your ad published e-mail
  • Garden Grove Journal.  As the name implies, it is goes to driveways in Garden Grove. Advertising Page (link not working)  They also allow you to insert pre-printed fliers for $75/1000 fliers.  Their website seems to have gone down.  Their Facebook page is  and their phone number is (714) 539-6018.  But they haven’t updated their facebook page since 2012–so this publication might be dead.  But some of the community papers seem to keep going with out the internet.  If they are still around, please let us know.
  • Harbour Light (Huntington Beach)  This magazine is published every other month and goes to homes in one of the most affluent parts of the OC — Huntington Harbour.  They publish articles from charity and community groups based in Huntington Harbour.
  • Huntington Harbour Life  (we’re not sure this one is still publishing.)  Editor Debbie Sklar provides stories about community events.  This publication is focused on the upscale community of Huntington Harbour.  Advertisers are mostly local including stores at the Huntington Harbour Mall, Real Estate Agents who specialize in the Harbour, and businesses that are nearby.  (Note that we do not have a direct phone # or e-mail for this publication.  E-mail routed through
  • Huntington Beach Independent  This paper is owned by the LA Times.
  • Huntington Beach Wave This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Independent News.  This is a weekly ? newspaper that goes to Buena Park and the area known as West Anaheim  It’s published by Community Media.
  • Irvine World News This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Korean Times The LA edition of this paper goes to the large Korean population in Orange County.  It is in Korean.  To place an ad, e-mail their advertising department at .  
  • La Opinion   This is Spanish Newspaper out of LA that’s read in the OC.  For advertising see their national advertising company’s webpage
  • Ladera Post is a paper from the Orange County Register.  Similar content as Canyon Life and RSM News.
  • Laguna Niguel News This OC Register Paper is done by the same team that does the Alicia Viejo News.
  • Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot. This paper is owned by LA Times
  • Laguna News Post  is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Laguna Woods Globe is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • The Lighthouse Japanese Newspaper. This is a publication based in Los Angeles that distributes to the OC.  They have distribution points in Irvine and Cypress.  This is a great way to connect with this community.  They feature local news and restaurant reviews.  Hint try chrome with google translate if you don’t speak the language.
  • Live Orange County Style and Beyond This give away magazine has a retail price of $3.95.  The copy we picked up for free was a hight quality 68 page magazine all about fashion, food, furniture  and local entertainment.  It seemed to be targeting Orange County’s affluent over 40 residents.  They also publish a website with content similar to the print magazine  Looks like they no longer have an OC edition.  ??
  • LocalE Magazine  This is a Quarterly Magazine that’s distributed to businesses to reach OC’s young and affluent population and it’s also aimed at OC tourists .  They have articles about music events, bars, and local happenings.  (Their focus seems to be introducing people to local businesses that they feel are hip or cool. )  And they also have events that attract up to 15,000 people.  Youtube Video
  • Miniodas This is a Santa Ana based Spanish Language newspaper.  Their contact number is (714) 668-101 0
  • News Enterprise This publication goes to Cypress and Los Alamitos  Published by Community Media.
  • Newport Beach Independent They say they are by locals and for locals.  Link to their media kits. 
  • OC Concert Guide  Slick online and printed Magazine format publication that’s delivered in the OC Register (It’s an independent publication.) hooks readers up with upcoming concerts.  As their name implies interviews and articles about live music in the OC; and since they are a new publication they offer reasonable advertising rates.  It isn’t just young readers.  They are the go to source for Jazz and Classical music information.  Advertise if you want to hook up with the affluent concert going crowd.  (Advertising information.)
  • OC Family They target affluent parents with younger children.  According to their 2012 media kit 59% of their readers have household incomes of more than $100,000.  They “target families better than any newspaper or magazine in Orange County”
  • OC Jewish Life This glossy magazine has a circulation of 200,000 through the mail and they have hundreds of locations where they drop off the publication.  They also publish on the internet.  According to their website, you can reach a high income, highly educated segment of the OC community.
  • OC Metro  This has become an OC Register publication which is the only “leadership-focused glossy magazine published for Orange County executives, entrepreneurs and professionals” and it’s award winning writing about “engaging profiles, provocative commentary and stylish executive lifestyle features…”  According to their 2013 media kit, 43% of readers have a $100,000+ income, 62% have investments, they are more likely to own an expensive house, and 34.2% are “opinion leaders.”   They have a readership of 421,000; so you are hitting all of the county’s bigwigs.
  • OC Menues This publication is all about eating out in OC.
  • OC Weekley  This once popular paper used to be distributed county wide.  The advertising seems to be aimed at younger people who like to party.  You see ads for local music events, new restaurants, and of coarse pot. …  This paper was dropped off at restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.  But we haven’t seen it at its usual location.  Many folks are on their phones now so a lot of these drop off papers are declining in readership; and some businesses might be just tossing it out because of content some parents might find objectionable.  They seem to focus on their blog of the same name.
  •  Orange County Catholic Newspaper   They have English and Spanish editions.  This monthly newspaper is distributed through the mail and at churches.  Advertising/circulation numbers were not provided on line, but we assume circulation is large.  To advertise contact 213 637-7360.
  • Orange Coast Magazine It’s all about Dining Out, Events, and places to go in the OC.
  • Orange County Business Journal This is the Business Newspaper of Orange County.  It goes to many business owners and executives.  Most readers are college grads, and in an upper income bracket.  They also have an online site that takes advertising.  They have put out a media guide that shows you who their readers are and advertising opportunities.
  • Orange County News.  This paper served Stanton, Anaheim, Garden Grove and Fountain Valley.   Their new website Publisher website:  Their phone number is 714-894-2575.
  • Parenting OC Magazine  This is a full size colour mag about 80 pages that gives parents the 411 on what they can do in OC.  Kids fairs, movie reviews, festivals…  A lot of feature articles and family focused advertising.  For info on advertising, 714-630-4510 or email us at and they have a media kit on their website.  They say they are the most widely distributed parenting magazine in OC with a circulation of 65,000  Distribution is through free copies at private schools, Boys and Girls clubs, and grocery store racks.
  • Placentia News Times Similar content to the Yorba Linda Star and Anaheim Hills News Times This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Press Telegram The Press Telegram is based in Long Beach.  It has a lot of OC readers especially in areas near Long Beach.
  • Rafu Shimpo Japaneese Newspaper  This is an LA centric newpaper that covers national and local events.   They publish four times a week and claim to be the leading Japaneese-American newspaper with a circulation over 45,000.
  • RSM News Same team and similar content to Canyon Life and Ladera Post
  • Saddleback Valley News Lake Forest/Laguna Edition is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Saddleback Valley News Mission Viejo Edition This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • San Clemente Journal  This is a news print/magazine publication that comes out four times a year focusing on the city of San Clemente but also hits Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and Capistrano Beach.  According to their website, they have a 20,000 circulation.  They offer home delivery for a small fee and this publication is distributed free at about 200 local businesses.
  • Starr Progress (for Brea and La Habra) This paper has similar content to the Fullerton News Tribune.  This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • South Coast They have a guarenteed distribution of at least 35,000 to “readers live in households with a median property value of approximately $950,000 with a median age of 41.5, and a median income of approximately $164,000.”  They cover South County and North San Diego County
  • Sun Newspaper Serves mostly Seal Beach, but also does Huntington Harbour, Belmont Shore, Sunset Beach, Rossmoor, and Los Alamitos.  They take press release submission by e-mail or at their office on Main St. in Seal Beach.
  • Sun Post News / San Clemente Sun News  is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  • Tustin News This is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.
  •  Vien Dong Daily This is a Vietnamese language paper.  To place an Ad, contact: Vien Dong 14891 Moran Street, Westminster, Ca 92683-5599 Email: or
  • On The Water’s Edge (Huntington Beach) Publication is mailed to upper income residents in Huntington Beach and Surfside.  Contains articles of locals,  general information such as city phone numbers, information about local clubs, word search puzzles, and info/news articles written by advertisers.  30+ page wells produced glossy magazine–not something that will immediately go directly into the recycle bin.  Advertisements focus on on wealthy families who live near the water.  Published in North Carolina by 910 202 0917 but with local content submitted by residents.
  • West Coast Lifestyle Magazine.  Based in Santa Ana, this publication is focused where most publications are not–central OC’s younger non-high income communities. From their website: “West Coast Lifestyle Magazine is a free lifestyle publication showcasing artists and the urban life’s of all ethnic backgrounds and age groups who are confident, strong and have overcome some form of adversity in their life.”  It’s given out at concerts and they have a web presence.  This slick magazine is catching on as it features content relevant to their readers : including: attractive models, tattoos, music info, food reviews, and low rider style automobiles.  No information was available about circulation or advertising  Their Youtube
  • Westminster Journal  This is a weekly news paper going to Westminster and the area known as Mid-Way City  It is published by Community Media.
  • Yorba Linda Star is a paper from the Orange County Register.  Similar content to the Placentia News and Anaheim Hills News Times.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases.  

Orange County Seniors Magazines

  • The ANSWERS Resource Guide is the Council on Aging’s premier publication, distributed annually to over 71,000 Orange County seniors and their families. Packed with articles and resources, including Medicare Comparison Charts, ANSWERS is the leading resource to help seniors successfully navigate the aging experience. Available online and in print. For advertising info call, Marilyn Fedorow at 714-619-2129.  This is a publication of The Council on Aging – Orange County— a local nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.
  • Golden Years aka Golden Years 55+ Magazine This free magazine is distributed to health clinics, Doctors offices, Senior Centers, Senior Fairs and Donut Shops.
  • Laguna Woods Globe is a paper from the Orange County Register.  See above for how to advertise or submit press releases. (Duplicate Entry)
  • OC Active Seniors This is aimed for the 55+ crowd and Baby Boomers who are  “Too busy to grow old gracefully”  We didn’t notice distribution numbers on their website.
  • Sun Newspaper Leisure World Edition  This is a great publication if you are trying to reach seniors in Leisure World in Seal Beach.  Both Sun newspapers are published by Community Media
  • Today’s Seniors  Their Greater Irvine Edition reaches over 30,000 Seniors.  They claim to be the most Popular and Talked About magazine in arias where it’s distributed. 


Advertising Centric Publications

  • Apartment Guide This isn’t just for renting apartments.  Think of all the people looking at those ads.  They have enough money to rent an expensive apartment, and when they move they will buy a lot of stuff and services.  They take more than just for rent listings.  They also have an online, and mobile site.  Apartment Finder magazine This is the same type of publication.
  • Clipper Magazine This is run by Gannett one of the biggest newspaper companies in the US.  You have seen it in your mailbox but probably did not notice the name.  It’s the coupon book that looks like it came out of the Sunday paper. They have editions for different areas in Orange County such as Clipper Beachside for North OC.  This is their advertising site
  • Coffee News This is a small paper that’s distributed to coffee shops and restaurants.  Contact the owners regarding advertising or putting in positive community stories.  The have locations in Orange County Fountain Valley contact ; Irvine  ; Newport/Lake Forest
  • Dining Out   Ads for local restaurants This is delivered with the mail and shows people cool places to eat out around their home.  It also has coupons, and all the foodies look through it.  For advertising e-mail
  • HB Magazone They have been serving HB, FV, Sunset Beach, and Seal Beach since 2003.  This is mostly an advertising magazine, but they do have articles about local businesses.  If you advertise, you might get an article in.  They do have some articles from non-profit groups.
  • Hometown Magazine According to their website Hometown Magazine is one of the oldest direct-mail advertising companies in Orange County (since 1992). They provide quality and affordable advertising for small and medium size businesses throughout Orange County. The digest size magazine come out every 5 to 6 weeks and is delivered and verified by the US Postal Service.  They have 14 zones for local businesses to advertise in, and a phone app that consumers can install on their phone.  Their magazine is about 6x8inches on glossy paper and has about 30 pages.  Seems to be focused on consumers who want to save money by couponing.  They can be contacted at 949-200-7581.
  • Leisure Lifestyle Magazine  is a premium Full Size-Full Color Glossy Publication featuring the latest trending articles and illustrations about Health and Wellness, Fashion Trends, Travel, Financial Planning and so much more.  The directory is mailed directly to the homeowners in the Country Club Communities: Dove Canyon Country Club, Marbella Country Club, Seacliff Country Club and Aliso Viejo Country Club.   (They have changed their advertising program.  We are waiting for an update of their new information.  We googled them and nothing came up–not sure if they are still publishing in OC  Note, there is a publication with the same name located at 2300 N. Dixie Hwy., Ste. 201Boca Raton, Florida 888.454.0449  We are not sure if this is the same company or if they have moved.)
  • The Local Dish  This monthly magazine has a circulation of 60,000.  50,000 of that is mailed directly to single family homes (mostly higher income home owners) in their South County target area– Capistrano Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano.  It does have some feature articles and a community calendar; but it mostly consists of advertising from local businesses.  It’s printed on high gloss magazine paper rather than newspaper.  They also deliver a coupons directly to households through their DishDeals mailer.
  • My Community Guide They target women in middle to high income areas of Orange County.  They say that 65% of their readers are women between the ages of 23-55.  They also run an internet coupon business.
  • OC Monthly As their name implies, they send a monthly magazine 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 ” to homes in Orange County with a wide variety of ads and coupon offers.  The county is divided into 4 areas so you can target just one area.  According to their website, they are “Southern California’s #1 Direct Mail Savings & Coupon Magazine!”
  • Orange County Bride  The name pretty much says it all.  They also have an online edition.
  • Money Mailer This is a big coupon filled envelope that arrives in the mailbox.  Unlike a magazine, each ad is on a separate piece of paper, so you can have your ads directed in a specific zip coded.
  • The Penney Saver It used to be like the classified ad section of a newspaper but with out rest of the newspaper or the classifications.  Today it has a lot more large ads.  They have been connecting value oriented consumers with businesses for over 50 years.
  • The Recycler  Yes, it’s still around.  It was owned by the LA Times, but a company bought it out of bankruptcy.  They have a print and on-line version.  It’s not limited to used items, you can advertise your business in the paper if you want to reach their thrifty readers.  It’s available at liquor stores and convenience stores.
  • Val Pak This is like Money Mailer.  A bunch of coupons in a big blue envelope.


Orange County Home Improvement and Design Publications  

Each of these guides is a way to connect with higher income home owners.  They all seem to claim they have an edge in providing information that homeowners will consider legit, and hence call the trusted contractors listed in the publication.  Many contractors advertise in more than one of these issues; and people in high income areas receive one of these guides about once a week.

  • Orange County Living They have three local editions of this magazine which comes in the mail for free.  It’s mainly about ways you can spend money on your home: Contractors, Designers …  It also seems to be called Orange County Home Improvement Magazine.  
  • Home Concepts  This is a new magazine that delivers through the mail to orange county homes.  They do not have a website with advertising stats.  The August issue was 56 pages.  To advertise, call 949 207-7199.
  • Home & Decor Ideas Magazine  They have four zones which cover most of orange county except for the middle.  They are associated with Clipper Home Magazine.
  • Home & Design Consumers’s Guide Its sent out five times/year and has two delivery zones. They target affluent homeowners who can afford to spend money improving their home.
  • Clipper Home Magazine  This is an insert to the Clipper Magazine which is the  pile of coupons that shows up in your mail box.  It looks similar to the other home improvement magazines.  To advertise, you need to go through Clipper Magazine (see above)
  • The Home Mag This one claims to be the #1 Home Improvement Resource Guide.  We are not sure what this claim is based on, and to ease the concern of homeowners have about dealing with shady contractors, they say on the cover that they have “pre-screened approved advertiser–backed by our $1,000 Service Warranty”  They state that every contractor is licensed, bonded, insured, and they check the contractor’s history for complaints…”we could contribute up to $1,000 to make it right.”  They will also list you in their on-line site .  This might help separate them form the other home improvement ad magazines in the consumer’s mind.
  • The Home Improvement Guide This is an approximately 8.5×5.5″ 48 page guide filled with ads from local contractors.  Their goal is to connect homeowners with qualified professionals.  They limit advertising to only two contractors doing the same job, and they help you get a professional ad with graphics and even QR Codes so customers can use their smart phones.  They have 12 zones in all and even hit San Diego.  They hit single family homes with higher income homeowners.  This one has a find hidden cash game whereby readers can enter a contest to win $150.
  • Your Villa  866-665-5105 This quarterly home improvement/cosmetic surgery magazine that has seven editions for higher income areas.  They grab the homeowner’s attention because it’s a full color over-sized publication that looks like a magazine you would pay for.  They bill themselves as “Southern California’s Guide for Artful Living.  They also have ads for cosmetic surgery and dentistry.   


Trade-Professional and Lifestyle Publications

Most associations have a publication to communicate with their membership.  This is a great way to reach your target audience.  Generally, they will not print press release, but if you become an advertiser some publications will allow you to write articles.  If your product appeals to a certain industry or you just need to connect with higher income segments of the population, these can be a great ad buy.

Apartment Owners and Managers There are three publications that reach this group in the OC.  Apartment News by the AAOC , AOA Apartment Magazine ; and Apartment Management Magazine  All three have on-line advertising opportunities.  These magazines are the place apartment mangers and owners turn to first when they need something.

Fishers (Fishermen)  Fish Taco Chronicles Magazine  They have a lot of well known writters in the fisshing community and been around for more than a decade.  It’s all about fishing tips, where to fish, equipment…  So if your audience is the sport fisher or just wealthy people along the coast this might be a good advertising opportunity.  It comes out four times a year, and is found at all the places you would expect, and doctors offices and they also have subscribers.  They do distribute about 10,000 each issue.

Golfers Southland Golf Magazine  This is a Churm Media Publication  They have a monthly readership of around 300,00 and target Golfers through out Southern California.  See their 2012 Media Kit

Lawyers  The Orange County Bar Association Publishes Orange County Lawyer

Marijuana Users can check out The Rolling Paper  (We weren’t sure where this one should go, but since pot is de-facto legal in OC and it’s such a big part of peoples lives, we decided to classify it as professional/lifestyle.)  As the name implies, this is about connecting with Orange County’s Marijuana Enthusiasts  It’s Published by OC Weekley which also has a section in their paper with similar content–dedicated to Marijuana sales, cultivation, legal issues and getting the Medical Use Card.  There are also ads for Beer and Cheep Eats.  The magazine is about 6″x11″ and had about 46 pages of ads; and is distributed to restraints, night clubs, … in the more affluent parts of OC .  You need to go through OCweekley to advertise.

Real Estate Agents The Orange County Association of Realtors publishes the Orange County Realtor Magazine



Orange County College and Student Newspapers

College newspapers have a lot of readership.  And you are reaching more than 18 year old students scrounging for beer money.  The average age of an undergraduate has gone up, and thanks to parents, jobs, and student loans they have purchasing power.  These newspapers are read by professors, staff, and graduate students.

Chimes Biola University

Cypress Chronicle Cypress College

Daily Aztec San Diego State University

Daily 49’er Cal State Long Beach

Daily Titan Cal State Fullerton

El Don News Santa Ana College

Lariat Saddle Back College

The Hornet (We’re not sure this one is still going, their website was not working)   Fullerton College

The Panther Chapman College

The Pearl Soka University

The Western Sun Golden West College

New University UCI Today University of California Irvine

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Let us know what’s missing or wrong.  We thought this page would be helpful to local businesses that need to advertise and people who need to get their local story out.  Contact 




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