1. We must have missed out on some good wholesale warehouses. Let us know what we missed.

    • I am impressed. Lots of information.

  2. I’m in desperate need of a wholesale suppliers in the LA area any suggestions

    • Thanks,
      Maybe if you let us know what product line you are interested in, someone might be able to suggest a supplier for your business.

  3. I am looking to buy cell phone cases at wholesale for all the new phones, such as iPhone 4, 5. Samsung galaxy S4 , S5 and many other. Any advice would help. I am also looking to purchase refurbished cell phone lots if anyone known anything about where I can start looking to buy these wholesale in lots I’d really appreciate the help.


  4. Hello,
    The information you have provided has been very helpful.

    I am going to be starting an online business for women’s clothing. What wholesalers provide clothing with better quality?

  5. Excellent website! I have been burning my eyeball corneas searching for liquidations and wholesale products. Now I know exactly where to go!
    Thanks for all the information, I may be back with questions later.

  6. Hi
    I am working on opening a .99 cent store and i was wondering if you know any good wholesale website for dollar store items or if you know any distributors in LA.

  7. hi im looking for a retailer merchandize such like a energy drink or a litghter

  8. This is the dumbest blog post I’ve ever read.
    He makes the LA fashion district sound like the streets of Allepo.

    • Thanks for your imput. Maybe it has improved a lot. Last time I was there I witnessed two separate assaults. One guy was beaten, and another stabbed. We just left because we did not feel safe. When we got to the car, we a man was defecating next to my car. If the area has improved a lot, that’s great.

  9. Hi, we are a small non profit that has an oversupply of articles that would be great for swap meet vendors, any ideas on how to connect our goods with people that can benefit the most form this? we offer tremendous prices, we need the stuff gone and it is how we raise funds for our organization.

    • Thanks,
      Let us know what you have available. Maybe someone could utilize your inventory.

      • Thanks for the message back. We have mostly clothing (womens, kids, and mens) We also have household goods like toasters, blenders, cookware. Great prices, bulk discounts as well.

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