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Vending Machine owners get no respect.

 A reader let us know that some ripping off vending machines is considered “cool” by today’s young people.  A video titled “how to rob a vending machine” has almost 1 million views.  Video  We contacted Youtube and told them that it’s wrong to show a video which shows how to steal from a particular type of vending machine. But they declined to take it down.  Check out this video where a college aged guy is showing off his ability to rob a vending machine (video 2), and this video with around 600,000 views shows a guy “hacking” a vending machine video 3 — in the video he admits that he never put any money in.

The point is nobody cares about the business owner.  And the police don’t care because it’s a small crime.  It’s fun for them to rip you off and they even brag about it on the internet.

We are not sure what’s worse: training videos on how to commit crimes, or what it says about our nation’s youth that they think it’s cool to steel.  They have no shame and appear to be bragging.  — Jeniffer M. has requested that we remove this company.  Thank you for your comments Jennifer, we have tried to reach you but have not received a call back.  Generally we do not get involved in disputes between companies.  Please refer to the content removal button on our terms of service page.  Thanks. 


  1. Thank you Of Business Start Up, I am so glad I found your website. I am a aspiring entrepreneur in Vending machines and the information that your site shares was extremely helpful. I have gained much knowledge and look forward to utilizing what I’ve learned.

    Thank you again

  2. This is pretty helpful. I started in the vending business about 4 months ago, and this would have helped back then. As it is, I have figured out most of this – though the Health Dept. compliance is new to me. I started selling ice cream and frozen foods, so this is good to know.

    I would be wary of some of the suppliers/vendors mentioned, and there are some other resources missing that I think should be mentioned. I joined NAMA and went to their annual OneShow in Chicago where I met lots of vendors of machines, snacks, software, hardware providers.

    I would like to see a cooperative formed for the small independent operators to share resources & knowledge, buy in larger quantities, etc.

  3. Blue Moose Vending Management has been in this area for 10 plus years. This is a small group of retired vending route owners. They will help local vendors find locations for a fee. They have good references in the area with Westway mentioned in the article, Dependable Vending, Premier Vending, and Vending World give them good marks. Their phone is 714-242-4085 They had one of their vendors install machines at our business. Actually, they took installed over 28 of the properties we manage.

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