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  1. This article about renting business space had some great ideas. I want to open a business in Cypress, but I am not sure. We found what we were looking for and have contacted the agents from the site munched in the article. The agent [name redacted by editor] told me that he needs to get into a three year lease and there are so many other costs. It just seems like with all the real estate available, we should be in the driver’s seat.

    • We are not real estate experts, but it seems like the agents you are dealing with are trying to close the deal. It is good that you have looked on your own and contacted owners/agents for more info.

      But you can have an agent represent you. Her commission will come from the lessor. Most agents don’t have experience with commercial real estate. Try Bowman Reality and ask them to represent you. They have been doing commercial real estate for a long time.

  2. Q: My friend wants to partner up to rent space, but he has credit problems. He will pay most of the rent but doesn’t want to be on the lease. Do you think this is a good way to save money?

    NO. Once you give your friend a copy of the keys, he may become a legal tenant, but you will be on the hook for everything. And if you decide the arrangement is not working, but he disagrees you will have to deal with it. As long as he is in the rental unit you may have to pay all the bills, fines, government citations… You may even have to hire a lawyer to evict him while paying rent to the landlord. You can move, but you might be stuck with the bills until he moves out.

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