If you are thinking about starting a business in Orange County, this site and our sister site www.OCBusinessForSale.com are here to help.  We are focused on small businesses with startup costs from $10,000 to around $200,000.

The sites will provide a convenient place for people to look over some business concept.  Each business idea is explained in terms of why it’s profitable.  When possible, estimated gross margins are given.  Capital requirements and regulatory hurdles are also discussed.  Because the websites are constructed in an interactive blog-like format, visitors can share their knowledge.  It’s intended to be a starting point to give people ideas and basic information.  As visitors contribute to the site, the amount of useful information will grow.

We are not business or legal experts.  We just want to make information available to help you get in business.  Please feel free to contribute.  If there is something incorrect, please let us know.  If you have an idea for a business we would love to put it up on the site.

Although we are not in a recession, according to the textbook definition, there are still a great number of men and women out of work, and a lot of empty buildings throughout our county.  And we will have a lot more unemployed people as the government starts to downsize.  Sooner or later, many of us will realize that no amount of positive thinking or resume re-rites will land the job we want.  Business ownership is an alternative.